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A few years ago I designed a few dolls for a "Gone with the Wind" themed event.  One of the outfits was the iconic Scarlett BBQ dress.  In order to reproduce it as closely as possible I decided to reproduce the fabric from the movie scaled for my 11" doll Leeann.  It is interesting to know that in order to stay on the right side of the law I needed to redraw the entire fabric from scratch.  It was legal for me to use a photo of the original fabric to guide me but I had to draw each and every little petal on my computer.  The main cluster was 36" x 36" in my high-resolution drawing.  The other components were sub-layers of that cluster.  I have reworked the design in four different scales for this collection.

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  • 150cm x 100cm panel ( 60" x 39" )
  • lightweight poly-cotton
  • textile factory professional dyeing/printing process
  • can be washed/ironed/dry cleaned
  • ANTEBELLUM SUMMER : one design, four different scales