A little bit about

Being a very small company we have opted to keep very close contact with our customers. In fact, without the direct contact with his customers Denis Bastien would lose all interest in the business.  It is through his contact with the customers that he finds the energy, the inspiration, to joy in his work.


At AFFORDABLE DESIGNS - CANADA you will not find a completely automated ordering system.  We find those very impersonal.



Instead we have automated the process of adding items to your shopping cart but have not linked any shipping fee calculations or automated payment methods. This process allows us to review your order, decide what the best possible way to combine your items before quoting the shipping and handling fees associated with your order.


Once you submit your order our system will send you a confirmation e-mail.  This is to tell you that your order has been submitted to us. 


Once we have processed your order we will send you an official invoice. This invoice will have the shipping and handling costs added and will also allow you to choose between paying online through PAYPAL or paying by personal check/money order. Information about where to mail your personal check/money order will be included in the official invoice e-mail.


So ordering is simple.

You add items to your cart,
you submit your order,
you get a confirmation e-mail,
we send you an official invoice,
you pay,
we ship.



 IMPORTANT : If you do not get an official invoice from us within 24hrs of submitting your order it means something did not quite work. These things happen. In such case do not hesitate to contact us.  It is always a pleasure to hear from our customers.