A few words about our


Being a very small company we only accept payment via PAYPAL, personal checks, or International money orders.


Once an order is submitted ( by you ) and processed ( by us ), you will receive an official invoice via e-mail. Such invoice will have a PAY NOW button. Clicking this PAY NOW button will take you to PAYPAL and will carry over our Paypal account information as well as the amount to be paid. Once at the PAYPAL site you will be asked to logon to your Paypal account to complete the payment. You can pay your invoice with your PAYPAL BALANCE, with funds from your BANK ACCOUNT, or by using a CREDIT CARD through Paypal.


For those who prefer to mail a personal check or a money order it is important to note that those MUST BE MADE PAYABLE TO DENIS BASTIEN.


Because our online business is blessed with customers from around the world with the largest concentration in the USA it is simpler for us to have all our prices in US FUNDS.  This means all payments must be made in US FUNDS.  If you wish to make your payment in a different currency please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with an invoice in your currency of choice based on the daily conversion rate posted online at time of conversion.




Personal checks/money orders made payable to anything else cannot be processed by us. Also, only International Money Orders issued by a bank can be accepted.


Personal checks/money orders need to be mailed to :

35 Westwinds Place,
Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada  K2G6L1


( Make sure to use sufficient postage when mailing to Canada )