A little bit of history about

From a tiny eBay store to a small but multi-divisioned doll company, Affordable Designs is now Affordable Designs - Canada... the little doll company that could.


In 1999, Denis Bastien came up with "Affordable Designs" as a store name for his eBay offerings.  At such time he was designing/sewing limited edition outfits to fit fashion dolls like Mel Odom's Gene Marshall.  Soon after the first Affordable Designs' website was created.



After many limited edition outfits, some one-of-a-kind commissions, a few doll conventions, and a few miniature accessory sets it was decided that the company would start selling sewing pattern versions of Denis Bastien's designs.

Then came some collaborations with other doll companies which broaden Bastien's experience in designing as well as manufacturing.  It became obvious that Affordable Designs' next step would be to start producing/manufacturing some items.  The "PUZZLES" line of separates ( no longer in production ) came next with garments, accessories, and shoes for fashion dolls.


Although it was never in the plans for Affordable Designs to produce its own dolls the opportunity presented itself in 2004 and the Leeann doll line was added to the mix with its own website and its own bag of opportunities and wonderful experiences.



Then Leeann needed some friends.  And they needed to be articulated.


Since then new friends continue to be added.  What started as a one doll line quickly turned into an entire group of friends.  LEEANN, LENNY, LENEDA, LEROY, LINLIN, LIANG, and very soon LOULOU are quite the happy bunch.

Then came the idea of expanding again in 2013 with a new line of resin ball jointed dolls calls BeJu Dolls.  This new line of products also needed its own website.


Which brings us to the present - When Affordable Designs will now be known as "Affordable Desings - Canada".

One website, three separate "divisions" that prove we truly are "The little doll company that could".