For some reasons this sale attracted a new demographic of customers who do not "operate" the way my usual customers do.  So I came up with this little list to help you figure out if you should shop here or not.

IS THIS SALE FOR YOU?  Please read the RED TEXT BELOW to find out.

  • My prices are in US FUNDS even if you are Canadian.  That does not mean I charge more to Canadian customers.  It means I charge the same prices to all my customers and that the Canadian dollar is worth less than the US dollar.  That is not a new concept.
  • I do packaging/shipping my way and use the best option from CanadaPost, Purolator or UPS as presented by NetParcel.  Please do not suggest I ship a different way "just for you".
  • This sale better serves people planning to purchase multiple items. It is not the content value of a parcel that determines its weight/size.
  • Minimum shipping to the USA is $15.95 US and goes up from there based on the weight/size of your order.
  • Minimum shipping to Canada is $24.95 US and goes up from there based on the weight/size of your order.  Not my fault, blame CanadaPost.
  • Shipping to other parts of the world also starts at $24.95 US and goes up from there based on destination/weight/size of your order.
  • If your order is not paid within 3 days, it gets canceled.  This means if you order on the 13th, you have until the 15th at 11:59pm to pay.  13, 14, 15 = 3 days.  I do not monitor what time it was when you ordered.
  • Insert any/all other complaints here and hear me say "it is what it is"

    If this is not acceptable to you, this sale is simply not for you.  Kindly move on.


P.S. My store, my rules.  Be certain if/when I decide to visit your own store that you have been successfully running for 25 years, I will respectfully agree to your way of doing things or simply go shop somewhere else.


Items: 1100 of 182, per page
Items: 1100 of 182, per page