Are Leeann dolls a thing of the past?  Not at all.  But Leeann dolls from the original factory are about to be gone forever on the primary market.  The second generation Leeann dolls will be manufactured by a new factory… soon I hope.

So what are those "LAST CHANCE DOLLS"?

Here is what has happened. First came the realization that I was running out of fully assembled dolls.  Second, came the discovery I had run out of some "body pieces" to assemble more.
( yes, most of the dolls are assembled by me! )

Then I found a mislabeled box containing some fully assembled regular bodies in Leeann's skin tone.
( which is also Linlin, Loulou, Louise, and Leona's skin tone )

Those represent the very last vinyl stock done by the original Leeann factory.  They will be offered here starting SATURDAY, JULY 17th at 9 am (EST) and until they are all spoken for.

Below are the lucky "doll heads" that could end up on one of these "last chance regular bodies".
( they will show up Saturday, July 17th at 9 am EST )

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