Dad has been a bit sad lately. Today he is not traveling to nice villages and the sky is quite grey in the south of France where he is supposed to rest and relax. But he says the grey sky has little to do with his mood. At the back of his mind, there is always a bit of stress and pressure related to the business since "the pandemic". As an added "bonus", he has to deal with the original factories no longer being available to him and has to deal with new factories while they also have been affected by "the pandemic".

2021 has not been the easiest of years.

THe recently got the official news that 2021 will be remembered as the year he was unable to get anything produced at the factories. Nothing! A full year of no new dolls, of no new outfits, of no new shoes. Apart from a few accessories he produced himself using his 3D printers, nothing else got added to my world.

But he was also told that 2022 will be a better year and that his current projects at the factories will finally get the attention they deserve. This is taken as good news but he feels he will believe it when it actually happens.

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, he is hoping his little doll company will not be forgotten. He has decided to, once again, offer a special sale he will call the "THE GOOD RIDDANCE 2021 SALE”. You can expect savings up to 50% off on most items on the website, except for the dolls and the 3D printed accessories. Something "back in stock" during the sale will be a LIMITED NUMBER OF ARTICULATED UPGRADES for all of the dolls.

So when will this sale be? 

NOVEMBER 15th to DECEMBER 12th in order to have time to mail all paid orders before the holiday's deadlines.

Leeann xxx