Now that Affordable Designs - Canada dolls are being produced by new factories, it is inevitable that there will be differences between the "original dolls" and the "new dolls".  At the moment, the "original dolls" are therefore limited to what we already had in stock.  Originally, most of the dolls were assembled by me as opposed to the factory. I was therefore able to offer a choice between regular and articulated bodies.

The "LAST CHANCE DOLLS" are the very limited number of dolls I am still able to assemble based on available "pieces" from previous productions.  The "LAST CHANCE DOLLS" only include dolls in Leeann's original skin tone.  Meaning, Leeann (of course), Linlin, Loulou, Louise, and Leona. At the moment I still have enough parts to assemble about 45 dolls on regular bodies and 45 dolls on articulated bodies.  Once those are gone I will need to decide if I try to produce missing pieces in a matching skin tone with the new factory.  It might be difficult and costly.  I might end up with lots of pieces from the original productions but no "fully assembled dolls".

That is why the dolls in this category are most likely the "LAST CHANCE" to get those particular dolls.

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