Affordable Designs - Canada decided to create its own line of high-quality resin ball-jointed dolls.  LEEANN, AADI, BIJAN, CONG, and EMILY were the first characters produced in the BEJU DOLLS line.  Although very proud of the quality achieved, it turned out this new line of affordable BJD dolls was not well received by the "competition".  Accused of "probably be recast dolls" based on their "low price point", the extremely critical BJD world was not ready for the competition a new, high-quality, affordable ball-jointed doll line would create.  It resulted in an uncomfortable "welcome" at various BJD events.  We decided not to work in such an unwelcome environment and concentrate our efforts and investments into the much more enjoyable world of Leeann and friends... for now!

At the moment, only a limited number of the EMILY BJD DOLL are still available.  Since all of the RESIN LEEANN, AADI, BIJAN, CONG have sold out... there is always a possibility the BEJU DOLL line will resurface at a later date... since the BJD world has finally started to "come down from their high horses".  We shall see.

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