It is time… it must be done…


The reality is that it is costing me more on a monthly basis to store the "leftovers" of 22 years of doll work than the profit it brings me. Bad for me, good for you.


Starting with the first minutes of the new year I will be offering "leftovers" at ridiculous prices in the hope of clearing the storage space they occupy.


OUTFITS, OUTFIT PIECES, SHOES, AND ACCESSORIES will be available at prices lower than ever before. Nothing over $10 US/piece. 
( This crazy sale will not include any dolls or any items produced in recent years )
This huge clearance sale will require a lot of preparation on my part. New "leftovers" will be added as time permits. I will not be able to keep orders "ON HOLD" as this exercise is to finally free space so orders need to ship, not be stored.
TELL ONE - TELL ALL - more information to come. 
Items: 135 of 35, per page